Who I work with

I specialize in working with self-employed professionals who want to:

  • Consistently attract their “ideal” clients
  • Generate more income from their services and products
  • Manage their business efficiently and effectively, so that they can enjoy their work and the other things that are important in their life

Most of my clients are mid-life professionals and those nearing retirement who want to create a successful, sustainable, and rewarding business of their own

  • Typically, they have worked for someone else for the better part of their career.
  •  Now, either by choice or circumstance, they are thinking about, planning for, or actively engaged in developing their own business..

My clients include self-employed professionals at all levels of development:

  • Individuals who are thinking about starting their own business and want to learn more about what is involved and whether it would be right for them.
  • New business owners who want to accelerate the growth of their business and create a strong foundation for future success.
  • More experienced business owners who are ready to take their business to the next level or in a new direction.

During the past 15 years, I’ve worked with clients from many different industries including:

Accountants, attorneys, coaches, consultants, financial planners, helping professionals, interior designers, real estate agents, holistic health practitioners, professional organizers, salon owners and creative professionals such as artists, artisans, crafters, and designers. 

Regardless of their industry or where they are in their business, my “ideal” clients are:

  • Committed to building a successful, sustainable and rewarding business
  • Ready to invest the time, energy and financial resources to do it
  • Prepared to take consistent, persistent action to build their business
  • Willing to accept responsibility for their actions and results
  • Dedicated to providing high quality services and products
  • Open to feedback and new ideas

Most of my clients are “solopreneurs” and that’s how my business got its name.

You won’t find the word “solopreneur” in the dictionary.  However, if you do an internet search, you’ll notice that it is a widely-used term that refers to self-employed professionals who own and operate a business. Most solopreneurs work alone. Others have a team of independent contractors and still others have a small number of employees.

A businessman working outdoor at a park

Solopreneurs are driven by the desire to use their unique talents and abilities to make a difference. Often very independent, many solopreneurs are self-starters and are passionate about the work they do. Others develop these traits as they go. I call that “The Solopreneur’s Journey.”

The flip side of this is that when you’re a solopreneur, you often spend a great deal of time working alone in your business and it’s easy to start feeling a little isolated and to miss the comraderie of a “day job.”

Since solopreneurs are usually responsible for all the operations in their business, overwhelm and burnout can present challenges for them.  42-15529728

That’s why an important  part of what I do is to help my solopreneur clients develop the habits and routines and put the right systems in place, so they can manage the demands of their business effectively, enjoy their work, and still have time for the other things that are important in their life.

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