Because every business is unique, I offer a full range of coaching, consulting, and training programs for business owners at all levels of development.

When it comes to business development, there’s definitely no shortage of information out Too much informationthere!  There are countless books, audios and videos on virtually every aspect of growing a successful business. However, choosing the ones that are right for you and your business can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task.

It’s important to keep in mind that information alone does not necessarily produce results.

Even the best information only works if it’s implemented properly.

It doesn’t end there, either!  In order to get the results you desire, you will also need to:

  • Stay focused and motivated
  • Take the right actions at the right time
  • Periodically evaluate your results
  • Fine-tune your actions where necessary
  • Tap into the tools and resources you need for support

Trying to do all this alone or even working with a group of your peers, who probably aren’t experts in business development, is a tall order.  It can also result in a lot of stress, wasted time, energy, and financial resources.

That’s why partnering with an experienced business development coach can help you to achieve the results you want more quickly, efficiently, and with a lot less stress!

There are several ways of doing this:


  • One-On-One Coaching
  • Solopreneur Success Groups
  • Business-Building Intensives
  • Quarterly Business Reviews


  • Get consulting advice on specific topics and issues related to business development
  • Receive expert input re: your bio, business card, articles and other promotional materials you use in your business.

Customized Group Training Programs:

  • Marketing Made Simple
  • Master Client Enrollment
  • Trust-based Sales
  • Creating Programs & Products that Sell
  • Speaking to Grow Your Business
  • Self-care for Busy Solopreneurs
  • Time Management for the Successful Solopreneur
  • Packaging Your Services for Groups
  • How to Design and Conduct Teleseminars/Webinars
  • The Secrets of Successful Holiday Marketing
  • Working from Home & Making It Work for You
  • Working with Client Advocates in Your Business

Do you want to learn more about these services and determine which one would be right for you?

Schedule a Complimentary Consultation with me.

This 45-minute session is conducted by telephone in the convenience of your own office or home. It is a risk-free opportunity to determine whether coaching is the right investment for you and if we would be a good fit to work together.  <Click Here> To find out more & set up your session.

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