How I Work with Clients

I have a proven process for working with myMan and woman shaking hands isolated on a white background. clients that I customize to your specific needs:

Business Vision: It begins by helping you clarify what your ideal business looks like, as well as what you want to accomplish in your business during the next 6-12 months.

Goals: Next, we look at where you are right now and what you need to do in order to achieve your Business Vision.To facilitate this, you complete a comprehensive asssessment designed to identify the parts of your business-building system that are working, as well as anything that needs to be fine-tuned or added.  We use this information to set specific, measurable goals that are inspiring, realistic, and fit well with the other priorities in your life.

Plan: Once you have identified your key goals, the next step is to design a strategic action plan that will enable you to accomplish your goals quickly and efficiently. This plan is then broken down into a series of small, manageable steps with specific time frames for completion.

Action: After that, you begin taking action to implement your strategic plan. During this crucial stage, I help you stay focused and motivated, take the right actions at the right time, fine-tune your actions for optimal results, tap into the resources you need for support and overcome any obstacles that arise. I will also encourage you to leverage your strengths, build on successes and turn your challenges into learning opportunities, so that you have a strong foundation for future success.

Throughout our work together, you will also have access to my comprehensive, step-by-step SSCC Business Development Program that includes workbooks and other written resources on every topic relative to building a successful business.

Success PersonAs a result of our work together, my clients are able to achieve their business goals more quickly, as well as flatten the learning curve and minimize the stress associated with developing and sustaining a successful business!

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One of the best ways of learning about what it’s like to work with a particular service provider and the potential results you can get is to read testimonials from their actual clients.

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This 45-minute session is conducted by telephone in the convenience of your own office or home. It is a risk-free opportunity for you to determine whether coaching is the right investment for you and if we would be a good fit to work together.

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